Provide Emergency First Aid in an Education & Care Setting HLTAID004

HLTAID012 Provide Emergency First Aid in an Education and Care Setting course provides you with first aid knowledge in a  specifically designed course to satisfy the first aid requirements for Schools and Registered Children's Services. This Course incorporates HLTAID001 CPR, HLTAID011 Provide First Aid, Asthma & Anaphylaxis first aid management. Under the Ministerial Order, this qualification will be the standard in the near future.

Course Details

  • First Aid Principles

  • Basic Life Support

  • Infection Control & Hygiene

  • Legal Aspects of First Aid

  • Incident Approach and Management

  • Patient Assessment

  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

  • Automated External Defibrillation (AED)

  • Choking and Airway Obstruction

  • Bleeding Control

  • Shock

  • Crush Injuries

  • Needle Stick Injuries

  • Ear & Eye injuries

  • Abdominal Injuries

  • Burns and Scalds

  • Head, Neck & Spinal injuries

  • Fractures, Dislocations & Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Medical conditions

  • Asthma Risks and Emergencies in the Workplace

  • First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis

  • Heat and cold emergencies

  • Drowning

  • Cardiac Conditions

  • Stroke

  • Poisoning & Envenomation

Required assessment

This course includes both a theoretical and practical assessment component. Theory assessment includes the completion of a multiple choice quiz. Topics are discussed and displayed in a scenario base setting giving students a real understanding of how these skills could be applied in real life.

A practical assessment includes a formal assessment of practical skills, including resuscitation skills.

Please note: All participants must be able to perform at least two minutes of uninterrupted CPR, on both an infant resuscitation mannequin and an adult resuscitation mannequin placed on the floor with correct technique, to be marked as competent.


On completion

On successful completion of this course, participants will be awarded the nationally accredited statement of attainment – HLTAID011 including HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Emergency Life Support HLTAID010.

In order to perform this course you will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

It is a requirement from the Australian Government Department of Industry that all students must have a USI before completing this course.

To obtain a USI please go to 

First Aid attainments in partnership with Healthguard RTO 21156, all training & assessment material under the guidance and scope of Healthguard First Aid.